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I have been recently battling reflux and gestational hypertension. Both of these conditions have now put me in the position of taking medications which cause drowsiness and a loss of mental acuity. The end result is that I take lots … Continue reading

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Nothing doing

Today was another nothing sort of day. I slept/rested for most of it. I did manage to pop out and run an errand which was good but I mostly did nothing. So, with that in mind, here is a picture … Continue reading

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Today was a “bitsa” day. Bitsa this and bitsa that. I don’t usually like “Bitsa” days. I woke repeatedly through the night – that’s my new norm. I eventually made it to about 5am before deciding that was my fill … Continue reading

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On the second day of Christmas

Eeek! It’s almost midnight and I nearly didn’t get this post done! I had great intentions of having an early night tonight as Sean and I are heading approximately 2300kms away at the crack of dawn tomorrow (or it might … Continue reading

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Tuesday. Tangled. Tiring. Taxing. Theological. Torrential. Tuneful. Tomcat. It was a typical Tuesday. It rained. I had choir. A little boy cat sat atop my bosom and prevented me from doing very much on this computer…including blogging.  So that’s about … Continue reading

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Monday. Manic. Masterful. Mothering. Musical. Manicure! Mondays are mandatory. As Mondays go, this one wasn’t too monotonous.  It had the usual requirements to be  malleable but I think it was pretty marvellous because I managed to do what I needed … Continue reading

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Harvey’s big day

It’s been a big day for Harvard and a big day for Fi so this is a photo blog. (Musical Challenge will be at the end as usual.) Musical Challenge Nobody took a shot at yesterday’s selections so we’ll move … Continue reading

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