I have been recently battling reflux and gestational hypertension. Both of these conditions have now put me in the position of taking medications which cause drowsiness and a loss of mental acuity. The end result is that I take lots of naps…and I mean LOTS!20140610-202654-73614558.jpg

I have two cats who are my role models in this regard. The younger one has taken to following me around wherever I go. Not only that, if I nap he naps. Usually, he wakes before me but today I woke to see him with his front legs over his face as if to shield him from the brightness of the day. It’s a common enough pose for him but it just looked so darned cute.

Anyway, let’s raise a glass of warm milk for catnaps!


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One Response to Catnapping

  1. Sonja says:

    They think they’re sleeping on real tiger skin…

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