On the second day of Christmas

Eeek! It’s almost midnight and I nearly didn’t get this post done! I had great intentions of having an early night tonight as Sean and I are heading approximately 2300kms away at the crack of dawn tomorrow (or it might as well be).

Today was a day of packing, mostly. It was also a day that I was moderately unwell. I took time to have regular breaks and even had a relaxing moment with the cats. One wanderered around and checked that the situation was as it should be while the other kept me company in bed…using my ankle as his pillow!

I think this is the first Boxing Day in years that I have not gone to the sales on the hunt for bargains (preceded by the hunt for a parking space). Frankly, I didn’t miss it. We had planned to do some shopping but given my health and other circumstances, we decided against it. I’m glad.

Glancing at the time once again, I think I’d really better turn in. I need to be up to hear that sparrow do what sparrows do upon waking. Pffrrrrt!

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