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The seventh day of Christmas

As the 2011 draws to a close in the next 90 minutes, it is time to reflect. For a whole host of reasons, this has not been the happiest year of my life. I don’t really want to elaborate on … Continue reading

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Sleepy Sunday

Last night was a late one for me.  I was up until the wee small hours completing one of two outstanding assignments…outstanding because they are not yet completed, not outstanding because they are very good. That reminds me of a … Continue reading

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Saturday quickie

My promise to complete one assignment before going to bed last night went by the wayside and Saturday has rolled around with more work than I’d wanted.  Having said that, the day began with a lovely breakfast with my very … Continue reading

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It’s FRIDAY! I didn’t work today but I did have a lot to do. Today, I actually got to speak to a group of people about the importance of how nurses use information in the workplace.  We had a very … Continue reading

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Today’s post will be a collection of little observations throughout the day so this may have no flow whatsoever.  Consider it an elongated and disjointed stream of consciousness… I hate books which have no index. Listening to Metallica is surprisingly … Continue reading

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A low ebb

Since my last post, where I was suffering from writer’s block, I’ve managed to do a little study…although not as much as I would have liked. I’ve mucked around with the girls at work.  They are a great group of … Continue reading

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First of December

Today a new month began. Today I did something important. Today I did something insignificant.  Today I relaxed. Today I saw myself. I woke at 3am for no particular reason.  I drifted back to sleep only to wake again a … Continue reading

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