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Lessons in success

I used to think a successful day was one where I’d changed the lives of my clients by empowering them and blowing their minds with kick-ass information literacy skills. Getting a large group of highly qualified medical professionals to learn … Continue reading

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Mostly, Monday makes multitudes morose. My Monday moved me. My munificent mother motivated me. Merci.

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I didn’t blog yesterday. I nearly didn’t today either. I’m a little stuck in my thoughts. I’m trying very hard not to be overcome by my circumstances. Sometimes I lose that battle for a little while. I think that happened … Continue reading

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I used to have a list of wants that were pretty unreasonable and also pretty normal… I want to be prettier. I want to be taller. I want to have a nicer car. I want to have a better job. … Continue reading

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Holy Darkness

On the 5th of April at 12:00 noon I had a minor stroke which temporarily paralysed my right arm and leg. At 3:00pm, I had another. At 7:00pm, I had third and far more significant stroke which left me with … Continue reading

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Cult of selfie

I used to take a lot of selfies for all kinds of reasons. One year, I took a selfie every day and turned it into a video. Another year, I just took a photo with some part of me in … Continue reading

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Say it

Today I attended the funeral of someone who died far too soon. I wasn’t working at this funeral. This one was someone I knew. His death was not at the end of some great illness. It was unexpected. It was … Continue reading

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