Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This is essentially a fun song that I remember from my childhood. I don’t know when I first heard it but I feel it’s kind of an anthem for women of my generation…or at least it may have been when we were young.

I took on some singing students last year and I have been working with one student on this song. She’s into pop and this is about as poppy as it gets. She’s also the right age to sing a song like this. In teaching it to her my joy in hearing it was renewed. I’ve also recently introduced it to my three and a half year old daughter who is pretty into it.

Lyrically, it’s all about empowerment. Musically, it has that magical power of being catchy, fun and motivating. I usually wouldn’t be drawn to pop like this but how can you not?!

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No need to argue

[for the record – I wrote this weeks ago but just got around to posting today]

Another of my favourite Cranberries songs is this little beauty from the album with the same title…No Need To Argue.

This is my go-to breakup song. Heartbreakingly mournful and full of insecurity with undercurrents of anger. I have played and sung this song more times than I care to count, wallowing in the futility of broken relationships.

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Saving Grace – RIP Dolores

Today I woke to the news that one of my favourite female singers had died. Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries had an instantly recognisable voice and one that I find I could listen to for hours on end…and have done.

To choose one song to include in #mymusical tribute to her is impossible for me so I will almost certainly post a few Cranberries songs over the next little while. However, I have to start somewhere so I will start with one that I have listened to on loop during some of the more difficult moments of my life.

Saving Grace.

As with most of her songs, this has her trademark vocal style. Soft, effortless, sweet. It’s a simple little song but so comforting.


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Nothing to do with today being the anniversary of the Brisbane Floods of 2011.

This song came up on my random playlist today and I remembered how much I liked it at the time. Not sure I feel the same way now. Still, it’s fun for a bit of nostalgia.


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Song 2

My second song for #mymusical2018 is an obvious choice. Song 2! I’d be a fool to pass up the opportunity!

But seriously…

This is not a song I’d go out of my way to listen to. I like Blur in a passive sort of way. I wouldn’t typically seek out their music to listen to but I wouldn’t turn it off if it came into my hearing. I’d even enjoy it and sing along.

This isn’t even my favourite Blur song. That title goes to Girls and Boys because of that semi-industrial electronic sound in vaguely minor tones underpinning it all.

But Song 2 gets the prize today simply for it’s title…and it’s always fun to scream out “WOO HOOOO!!!”

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Joy to the World

I’m going to begin #mymusical2018 blogging challenge with Joy to the World. This particular recording is me playing at Mass back on the Feast of the Holy Family in 2014. I hadn’t played at Mass in almost a year at that point. I’d taken time out to deal with a rough pregnancy and then a newborn. By the time of this recording, Snugglepot was almost 6 months old and I was itching to play again. I love singing while I play…even though it splits my concentration on both tasks. Also love singing the alto line of this which is hard to do while playing a whole other line. So I’ll ask for you to forgive the very obvious mistakes I’m making in my playing because being 1 year out of practice, playing and singing simultaneously and playing one thing but singing another is bound to have some impact on my performance!

As for the piece itself, the melody and harmonies are majestic. It is triumphant and glorious. I never fail to be uplifted by this Christmas classic. With lyrics by Isaac Watts inspired by Scripture and music by George Frideric Handel, this stirs my soul like no other.

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Where’s my partridge?

Since 2010 I have been blogging my Twelve Days of Christmas. That is, I have been sharing the stories of each day of my life from Christmas Day (the First Day of Christmas) through to the 5th of January (the Twelfth Day) and then concluding on Epiphany with what I have learned during the Christmas Season.

This year I have not kept up with my blogging challenges. I didn’t complete #blogjune and I haven’t even commenced #blog12daysxmas. I’ve been busy in other aspects of my life.

2017 saw a massive downturn in my income via my music endeavours. I had previously earned enough to be a full time stay-at-home-mum to my little one. By March, our financial stability was well and truly on the rocks. We limped on and economised on every front. I took on piano and singing students…something I’d been asked to do by various people for many years now.

Around the middle of the year I applied for a job outside of any career I’d previously had. I had all the skills required and it seemed appealing enough. On the day of the interview I had the most dreadful head cold. I coughed and snuffled my way through. About 90 minutes after I left I got a call offering me the job. I’d lost my voice by then but squeaked out a “Yes!”

I’ve been working in that job since August. It’s only a part time position but it’s enough to keep us in the black. It’s also been good for me to establish a routine work schedule and for Snugglepot to have extended time with other children through daycare.

So what has that to do with blogging?

Well, half my week has been taken up with work and the other half has been spread amongst the things I used to have a whole week do to. I’m tired and not much in the mood.

That said, I’m determined to regain my energy and I look to the things that feed my soul. What am I passionate about?

Despite not working as a librarian anymore, I’m still passionate about delivering authoritative information to anyone who needs it. In my role as a parish secretary I have all kinds of people on the phone and through the door at the office wanting all kinds of assistance. I’d like to think my librarian skills are still at play in my new role and will continue to serve me well for the rest of my life. The world is my library now.

Despite not being in charge of the music coordination of a parish, I’m still passionate about good liturgy. I have brought those skills into my new liturgical parish secretary role and I take pride in making whatever constructive contribution I can make to whatever parish I’m in…regardless of whether I am a parishioner or employee.

Despite not playing for as many funerals as I used to, I’m still passionate about music. I always will be. Music lives at my core.

Given my great love of music and my desire to reconnect myself with what feeds me, I would like to challenge myself to post at least one song a week (probably a YouTube clip) and blog a little about why I have chosen that piece. It may be a song. It may be instrumental. It may be some weird creative hybrid. I was going to call this #songoftheweek but I wasn’t sure it would be weekly or even that it would be a song. So, I have settled on #mymusical2018.

Stay tuned for my selections.

Feel free to use this as your inspiration to post your own take on #mymusical2018.

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