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How many words can a picture paint? My week so far… Advertisements

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Ch-ch-chuck Ch-ch-tuesday!

It is the Tuesday after a long weekend. These are the worst Tuesdays of all. Recently, I’ve been a bit stressed and battling a few ailments. I rather suspect I could get on top of my health issues if I … Continue reading

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On the first day of Christmas

On the first day of Christ– WAIT!  Can I dial it back a few hours? Just until about 6pm on Christmas Eve… I was tired. Emotionally and physically exhausted. I’ve run the gamut of emotions over the past 6 weeks … Continue reading

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Tuesday. Tangled. Tiring. Taxing. Theological. Torrential. Tuneful. Tomcat. It was a typical Tuesday. It rained. I had choir. A little boy cat sat atop my bosom and prevented me from doing very much on this computer…including blogging.  So that’s about … Continue reading

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This morning I conducted the choir at 9am Mass.  Today is the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (aka Corpus Christi).  In addition to this, our 9am Mass today was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of priesthood … Continue reading

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Achievement and belonging

What a day! Between illness, relationships, work, commitments and whatever else you want to throw into the mix, I’ve had a pretty rough trot of late.  I’ve been brought to the brink of my tolerances on a whole range of … Continue reading

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The first day of Christmas

The first day of Christmas for me began with Midnight Mass. It was my third Mass of the evening so I was quite tired. The night before had been spent, as per my Christmas tradition, out shopping until around 3am. … Continue reading

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