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M R I don’t know

I had yet another MRI today. No results yet, of course. Not really feeling like blogging today. It’s been a pretty high-intensity week. I’m just going to veg out for the day. Advertisements

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Not what I wanted to hear

This week I was in hospital for torticollis. Last week I was in hospital for a worsening of my stroke symptoms. Today I attended an outpatient rehab clinic. During my clinic appointment I discussed my recent presentations to the emergency … Continue reading

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Too much pain to blog today. Torticollis is super-painful and I have been drugged out of my gourd.

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Blogjune 2018 begins

1st June, 2018. Blogjune. My whole life has turned upside down since last June. I’m going through some pretty rough times right now. Every single day is a battle with myself. I’m feeling very broken these days. My current challenge … Continue reading

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A simple blog to occupy my time

I’m going to start with the Musical Challenge. The title of today’s post is taken from a lyric in the song, not the title as I have done with the other posts of #blogjune 2016. There’s a lovely sentiment intended … Continue reading

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Will there be a sequel?

The urge has come upon me to blog. I tend to find that outside of blogging challenges such as BlogJune and Blog12DaysXmas I’m unlikely to blog at all. If I do it is because I need to engage in some … Continue reading

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Just get on with it

There are so many things that I could get really upset about at the moment. I feel like I’m having a bit of a rough trot of late. I’m not going to list them all because that kinda defeats the … Continue reading

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