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Where’s my partridge?

Since 2010 I have been blogging my Twelve Days of Christmas. That is, I have been sharing the stories of each day of my life from Christmas Day (the First Day of Christmas) through to the 5th of January (the … Continue reading

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There has been some confusion amongst my church friends as to whether or not I have died. I have not. The difficulty with having a name as common as mine is that I share it with a number of people. … Continue reading

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Say it

Today I attended the funeral of someone who died far too soon. I wasn’t working at this funeral. This one was someone I knew. His death was not at the end of some great illness. It was unexpected. It was … Continue reading

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No time to scratch myself

This week has been busy beyond belief. Between funerals (i.e. work) and various appointments and commitments, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I do know that I need my sleep and it’s getting late. So… It’s goodnight from … Continue reading

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Let’s do the Timehop again¬†

Most days I take a look at my Timehop. It collates social media updates from each day over the past however many years. I think it just shows me Facebook and Twitter and I think my feed for some of … Continue reading

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Play that funeral music

Today I had a job. A gig, if you like. A funeral gig. I’ve been working in libraries for the last 16 years; a qualified librarian for 14 of those years. I’ve worked both medical and academic libraries but mostly … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a masterclass in flexibility. The winding river of my day was looking more and more like channel country or a delta as the day progressed. To spare you the convolutions of the entire story, I’ll stick to just … Continue reading

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