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Blogjune 2018 begins

1st June, 2018. Blogjune. My whole life has turned upside down since last June. I’m going through some pretty rough times right now. Every single day is a battle with myself. I’m feeling very broken these days. My current challenge … Continue reading

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Regular readers of this blog might have noticed that I’m not blogging the 12 Days of Christmas this year. I began #blog12daysxmas back in 2010 and this is the first year since then that I haven’t done it. 2016 has … Continue reading

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I’m your private blogger

I’m at a loss to know what to talk about today. There seems to be a lot going on for me right now and I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about opening up about it. It’s funny – I’m … Continue reading

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The seventh day of Christmas 2015

On the seventh day of Christmas this year I HELPED OUT. I began the day early to the sound of my little girl calling out to me. It was far too early to be up and about so I tried … Continue reading

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Tonight I was challenged with change. There are conflicting views about whether it was a minor or major change. For the purposes of this post the degree of change is somewhat irrelevant. What I want to focus on how a … Continue reading

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This little piggy went to market

Today was meant to be a day of R and R but it kinda didn’t go according to plan. I say “plan” but it wasn’t as if there was a strict itinerary we were intending to follow. More like a … Continue reading

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Can’t face it

Today was not a good day. When I have the presence of mind, I try to remove the hyperbole from my language and stick to the facts. Emotive language is a hard thing to rein in when you’re in the … Continue reading

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