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The beat goes on

Sometimes I want to press pause on time itself. It’s a futile wish. I’ve had about 2 months of illness and nothing much happened apart from me not getting better. Now that I’m finally starting to improve, my days are … Continue reading

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Ca orgue pour moi

Today was my first day out and about after medically mandated bed-rest. I had intended to play for the funeral I was commissioned to do and then go home to bed. Intended. I was up when the alarm said it … Continue reading

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Smoke gets in your blog

This is an apology. I almost went with “All Apologies” as the title of this post but that defeats my Musical Challenge…where all the titles of my posts are slightly altered song titles. I’d have no alteration. Where’s the challenge … Continue reading

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Play that funeral music

Today I had a job. A gig, if you like. A funeral gig. I’ve been working in libraries for the last 16 years; a qualified librarian for 14 of those years. I’ve worked both medical and academic libraries but mostly … Continue reading

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You can’t hurry blogs

I had started to write a different post for today but my thoughts aren’t fully formed. I’m coming to grips with my thoughts and feelings and I think I just want a day to goof off. So, in lieu of … Continue reading

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The tenth day of Christmas 2015

On the tenth day of Christmas this year we went to MASS. Having taken a day to relax yesterday, today we got down to business and did the jobs we had planned to do. They weren’t big tasks but just … Continue reading

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Thank you for hearing me

I think I pretty much did my review of #blogjune 2015 yesterday so all that’s left to do is my obligatory musical goodbye. I would have liked my voice to sound a little more polished but this was recorded at … Continue reading

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