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On friendship and connection

I nearly thought that after yesterday’s post, today’s would be on power and responsibility but I’m not quite ready for that. It seems that in the dying days of this year’s #blogjune I’m just hitting my stride! No, today I … Continue reading

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Musical make-up

I’ve had a run of bad days recently and I haven’t really felt up to blogging all that much. I did it anyway but I drew the line at the creativity required for the Musical Challenge. Today I’m also not … Continue reading

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Blog it till you flog it

I had a brilliant idea for a blog post today. It was meaty and confronting. I had the thought while I was out at the shops. I was not in a place where I could even take notes to come … Continue reading

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Small comfort

That title is misleading. This is about finding small things that give comfort, not about things that give small comfort. For me, it’s rice pudding and a comfy chair. I’ve had a very big day today and I don’t really … Continue reading

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Left Lentiform

It’s not yet 10am and already I feel like I’ve had a full day. Since becoming an NDIS participant, my life has changed dramatically. I spent most of last year feeling useless and that there was no point in me … Continue reading

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Where am I going with this?

I’ve had an interesting day today. It looked like it was going to be jam-packed with errands but we ended up whipping through a couple of them rather quickly. These errands bookended the day so that left me with a … Continue reading

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I’ve got the music in me

I love music. I can’t be without it. I think of life in song lyrics. I’ve already blogged this month about how moments of my life are accompanied by a soundtrack. Long-term followers of this blog have also been subjected … Continue reading

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