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You can kiss me on a Monday Meme

1. The most recent text you received was… Dinner plans with a friend. 2. What is an overused word or saying that you hate? “Amazeballs” What the hell does it even mean? Also, very few people over 30 can say … Continue reading

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Will you still meme me tomorrow?

I have an actual, honest-to-goodness blog post in the offing. But not today. Tomorrow is Monday and that means Monday Meme. It’s the last one of the month. I have struggled with what to put together for this one. Then … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Monday Memes

Alphabet Facts about Me A- Age: 40 B- Biggest fear: Something terrible happening to Snugglepot C- Current time: 4:30pm D- Drink you last had: A small flat white. E- Every day starts with: A kiss and a cuddle from my … Continue reading

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Somewhere over the memebow

No post today on account of me being sick in bed with pneumonia. But I will give you the plan for tomorrow’s Monday Meme. Thanks to my friend Ally for this meme. And special thanks to her for being around … Continue reading

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Here is tomorrow’s Monday Meme…   Bucket List Meme Have you done it? Life and Death Been Married Fell in love Gone on a blind date Watched someone give birth Watched someone die Had children Stayed in Hospital Donated blood … Continue reading

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I don’t like Monday Memes

Scattergories Meme The rule is that each answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer. Name – Fiona Animal – Armadillo Girls name – Olivia Colour – Amber Movie – Revenge of the Nerds Something you wear … Continue reading

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I’m your private blogger

I’m at a loss to know what to talk about today. There seems to be a lot going on for me right now and I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about opening up about it. It’s funny – I’m … Continue reading

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