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I’d do anything for pig racing

Today we ventured out to the Redcliffe Show. I love the Show! I actually prefer it to the Brisbane Exhibition which is much bigger and brasher. This is a local show and has lots of cutesy local colour. I love … Continue reading

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The ninth day of Christmas 2015

On the ninth day of Christmas this year I had a VISIT from a friend. We spent most of the day relaxing and napping. We had planned to do some things around the house but nothing that couldn’t wait until … Continue reading

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The second day of Christmas 2015

On the second day of Christmas this year I spent the day relaxing with NEW FRIENDS. We were invited for lunch by one of my friends from choir and her husband and they had also invited a lovely couple who … Continue reading

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This month I celebrated my 40th birthday. I love birthdays and the great celebration of life that they can be. Since my 24th birthday, which I celebrated in Ireland, I’ve taken a few days to celebrate my birthday. I never … Continue reading

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MM5 – MM1 redux

Fifth verse, same as the first! I think, as this is the last Monday Meme of #blogjune and so close to the end of the month, it’s worth revisiting the first Monday Meme where I talked about what I was … Continue reading

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Geek out

  I’m tired but happy tonight. This afternoon/evening we spent time with friends at our Geeky Housecooling. We played “Geek Out” and let our geek flags fly. I even wore my <GEEK> t-shirt!  So I’m probably a little too tuckered out … Continue reading

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Taking a moment

Yesterday’s post might not have seemed too earth shattering to some upon reading it but it was pretty momentous for me. It was actually part one of two that I particularly want to let go this month. I’m still working … Continue reading

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