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Where’s my partridge?

Since 2010 I have been blogging my Twelve Days of Christmas. That is, I have been sharing the stories of each day of my life from Christmas Day (the First Day of Christmas) through to the 5th of January (the … Continue reading

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Sorry this is a bit of a non-post because I had homework to do. It’s from the course I’m doing – Foundations for Lay Pastoral Ministry. I’m really enjoying the course and I’m feeling positive about taking this small step … Continue reading

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To catch a fish

Today I did something I haven’t done in almost 10 years. I applied for a job. And for the first time in almost 10 years I’m not even sure I’ll be considered for the position. I set out many years … Continue reading

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Choosing my moment

Recently I’ve undertaken a course in lay pastoral ministry. It’s part of a process of re-evaluating my place in the world. I’ve had a few major career shifts and I feel like I might be on the edge of another … Continue reading

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Move along

Nothing to see here. Well, actually, this is a back-dated post about the day I had on the day this is being back-dated to. Make sense? I’m considering my future and whether or not being a librarian figures into that. … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

I’ve been immersed in packing today. As I’ve packed up the drawers of my desk I came across all kinds of stuff. There were old cameras and video recording equipment which I haven’t used in years. My phone does all … Continue reading

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LIW Tuesday

LIW or no LIW, I pretty much hate Tuesdays.  I don’t know why. Most people hate Mondays. I’d say I’m not a fan of Mondays but they’re a not nearly as bad as Tuesdays. A few weeks ago, I decided … Continue reading

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