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On the ninth day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas we went to the zoo. It had been years since I went to a zoo – perhaps as much as 25 years or so. I was so excited! Since coming to Auckland last week, … Continue reading

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On the fifth day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas we went for a road trip. It turned out to be a warmer day and quite a nice one for a drive. I said to Sean, “Take me somewhere…anywhere…I don’t care where!” So he … Continue reading

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On the third day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas I went to New Zealand…on an Airbus A380-800…in Business Class! What a way to travel! Once upon a time I would’ve said I was well travelled. I’ve been to Ireland and the UK many … Continue reading

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On the second day of Christmas

Eeek! It’s almost midnight and I nearly didn’t get this post done! I had great intentions of having an early night tonight as Sean and I are heading approximately 2300kms away at the crack of dawn tomorrow (or it might … Continue reading

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Monday Meme: Travel

I honestly can’t recall where I found this meme. Apologies for that. How old were you when you first travelled? I have seen photos of myself at the Apple and Grape Festival when I was just one year old (where … Continue reading

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Today is the Feast of Epiphany. A day of discovery and revealed truths. Since Christmas Day 2012, when #blog12daysxmas began, I have had some ups and downs. Mostly ups. Notably, during this time I have also travelled to Auckland, New … Continue reading

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On the twelfth day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas I shared myself. Well, that just looks like a weird sentence, doesn’t it?! I met two beautiful souls for the first time: @hakiclark and @stitchsarah. We, along with @seanfish, shared good food and good … Continue reading

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