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Give me a break

(still backdating on account of busyness) The madness of the week continued today with yet another day of rushing around from pillar to post. Mum spent last night in hospital after reconstructive surgery on her hand which was not done … Continue reading

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Today was the day from hell…but it was not without its positives. Disclaimer 1: I’m backdating this because of the hellish level of busyness. Disclaimer 2: I started writing this but realised it was way too negative and not reflective … Continue reading

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No time to scratch myself

This week has been busy beyond belief. Between funerals (i.e. work) and various appointments and commitments, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I do know that I need my sleep and it’s getting late. So… It’s goodnight from … Continue reading

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The beat goes on

Sometimes I want to press pause on time itself. It’s a futile wish. I’ve had about 2 months of illness and nothing much happened apart from me not getting better. Now that I’m finally starting to improve, my days are … Continue reading

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Cold pressed covfefe

It’s the first of June. That means #blogjune. Another year of me not being a librarian. Another year of me being a stay-at-home-mum. I’m not even sure what I am anymore. I think this #blogjune I’d like to explore the … Continue reading

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Taking care of blogness

Flexnib recently posted about keeping up.  I’m not keeping up. I really want to. Even though I’m a stay at home mum, at some point I will want to return to the workplace and I don’t want to be out … Continue reading

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Play that funeral music

Today I had a job. A gig, if you like. A funeral gig. I’ve been working in libraries for the last 16 years; a qualified librarian for 14 of those years. I’ve worked both medical and academic libraries but mostly … Continue reading

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