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Hair-free Fi

Yes, this is another post about my hair. I know I keep writing about this topic but it’s been a part of my identity for as long as I can remember. Just look at the name of my blog! Bun-Toting … Continue reading

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Astute readers of this blog and those who spend time with me in real life might have picked up on the fact that I haven’t really been myself lately.  I’ve mentioned the emotional rollercoaster that I’ve been on (here and … Continue reading

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Hair tales

I’ve talked briefly about the bun thing but it might not have been obvious just how obsessed I am with my hair.  It’s not a narcissistic obsession – it’s closer to a resentment…bordering on hatred. My hair has been the … Continue reading

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30 things meme

Thanks to Miss Sophie Mac for this meme.  I was wondering how I could finish the challenge (I have something up my sleeve for tomorrow).  Here’s 30 things I’ve done this month in addition to #blogeverydayofjune Started a brand new … Continue reading

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Why “Bun-toting”?

Twenty six days into the life of this blog and I think I should address why it’s called “Bun-toting Librarian”. The Librarian bit is easy – I am one. Here’s why. “Bun-toting” is a (hopefully obvious) play on the stereotypical … Continue reading

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