Why “Bun-toting”?

Twenty six days into the life of this blog and I think I should address why it’s called “Bun-toting Librarian”. The Librarian bit is easy – I am one. Here’s why.

“Bun-toting” is a (hopefully obvious) play on the stereotypical librarian wearing her hair in a bun and the expression “gun-toting”. I was feeling more than a little peeved about things when I started this blog and the idea of taking up arms against a sea of troubles seemed attractive. I took up the only arms I ever could…pen being mightier than the sword and all that.

Actually, have you ever noticed that the word “sword” is just “words” with the “s” at the front instead of the end. Not sure if there’s meaning in that.

Anyway, “bun-toting” popped into my head and, as fate would have it, I had my hair in a bun that day. “Bun-toting” it just felt right for me. But it didn’t end there… Just as I was contemplating the idea of starting a new blog and the synergy of the name was working its way through my brain I saw the first of the #blogeverydayofjune posts. I had a vehicle to vent, a name for the vehicle and the catalyst to begin.

Speaking of buns, stay tuned for an upcoming post about my obsession with my hard to control hair.

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4 Responses to Why “Bun-toting”?

  1. Penny says:

    I always feel like I’m somehow letting the side down when I do my hair in a bun ;P

  2. Hoi says:

    huh now i understand!!!!

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