30 things meme

Thanks to Miss Sophie Mac for this meme.  I was wondering how I could finish the challenge (I have something up my sleeve for tomorrow).  Here’s 30 things I’ve done this month in addition to #blogeverydayofjune

  1. Started a brand new blog
  2. Made new library blog friends
  3. Made new library tweet friends
  4. Sang at St Stephen’s Cathedral
  5. Conducted at St Stephen’s Cathedral
  6. Got asked to co-author a paper
  7. Went to a papercraft expo
  8. Got addicted to memes
  9. Discovered a great little text to movie site
  10. Received an interesting proposition
  11. Made an important decision about my future
  12. Had my first ever allergy test
  13. Learned I’m allergic to dusty horses…or something like that
  14. Totally scored bargains at the sales
  15. Subscribed to a stack of blogs
  16. Felt more connected with my library peers
  17. Upgraded my iPhone to IOS4
  18. Rediscovered the Llama Song
  19. Had more than a few really rotten days
  20. Reminisced about my hair trials (and there’ll be more of this tomorrow)
  21. Reclaimed the bun as a proud librarian icon (#bunpride)
  22. Witnessed the sad yet historical changing of the guard
  23. Made rice pudding
  24. Conducted info lit sessions at point of need (e.g. ICU)
  25. Got a new blanket for my kittehs
  26. Lost a kilo
  27. Got hacked by my hairdresser
  28. Achieved the rank of Supermayor in Foursquare
  29. Played Sims3 until the wee small hours
  30. Survived #blogeverydayofjune!
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2 Responses to 30 things meme

  1. Well done on losing the kilo! I too had more than my fair share of awful days this month, so have been very grateful for the distraction of #blogeverydayofjune more than once.

    And I love Xtranormal as well 🙂

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