Let’s talk about weather, baby

(Can’t believe I’m going to write a blog post about the weather!)

weatherIt’s cold. Sure, I’ve felt colder. But there’s no denying that it’s cold.

Queensland Winter.

That’s a phrase that we might joke about. Does Queensland get a winter? Yeah…it was on a Wednesday last year.

But seriously… People think that it doesn’t get cold in Queensland. Queenslanders are soft when it comes to dealing with cooler weather.  This may be partly true, but let’s put some facts around this.

Queensland is mostly in the tropics. Our summer is far longer than our winter. Our homes are generally built to keep the heat out and let the cool in. When temperatures plummet outside, they plummet inside too. Our shops generally don’t carry as many options for warm clothing as could be found in stores to the south…even from the same retailer. So, we don’t build our homes to suit cold weather and we don’t sell clothes to suit cold weather. We’re a little more exposed to the elements on that front than we might otherwise be.

I was born in Australia but I lived in Ireland for about 3 years. My father was born in Ireland and lived there for about 45 years. He also lived in New York and in Detroit. We often spoke about how we felt colder in Queensland than we ever did in Ireland. He said the coldest he’d ever been was in Brisbane. The homes in colder climates are built to keep you warm. They have central heating. Coats and other forms of outerwear are readily available and made to suit the cooler weather.

Then there’s the relativity angle I want to talk about. Even with a heater on and a nice warm jacket, why does 12° in Brisbane feel so much colder than 2° in Dublin? It’s relative. Think about a temperature range. In Dublin, maximum temperature in a day might be 4 or 5° and then drop only a little to get to an overnight temperature of 0°. However, in Brisbane the maximum in winter could be a balmy 21° which then plummets to an apparent icy cold minimum of 8°. It’s the massive drop from the max to the min which causes that minimum temperature to feel even colder.

Why am I even bothering with this post? Well, I’m sick of people saying how I can’t possibly feel cold at 12° or whatever the temperature is on any given day. Or that I’m a Queenslander so I don’t know what cold is. It’s a pet peeve, I guess. My hobby horse.

That’s my rant.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my fluffy onesie and slipper socks. Hurrumph!

P.S. For the record, the worst sunburn I ever got and hottest I think I’ve ever felt was in Gougane Barra, County Cork.



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I’d do anything for pig racing

Today we ventured out to the Redcliffe Show. I love the Show! I actually prefer it to the Brisbane Exhibition which is much bigger and brasher. This is a local show and has lots of cutesy local colour.

I love the pig racing!!! I don’t really know why I love it so much. I just do.

I love seeing names on the competition entries for various arts and crafts and recognising them as people I know. I love that my name was amongst them once upon a time and may be again in the future. I love walking around and bumping into friends. Not just one or two people, either. Lots of friends! I get a wonderful sense of community.

And then there’s the fireworks!

The Ekka in Brisbane has fireworks which are choreographed and timed with music and all sorts of whiz-bang stuff. That’s all well and good but I really just want to see a truckload of rockets exploding in the sky. Send ’em up and make ’em go bang! Redcliffe does that. It goes on and on and it lights up the sky. You can’t really hear the music but you can sure hear the crowd “ooh” and “ahh”. They even put it on earlier in the evening so that children can enjoy it unlike the Brisbane Ekka which has it on too late for most young ones.
Anyway, I had a great time. I love my local show. 🙂

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Ca orgue pour moi

Today was my first day out and about after medically mandated bed-rest. I had intended to play for the funeral I was commissioned to do and then go home to bed. Intended.

I was up when the alarm said it was time to take my antibiotics. That was an end to my rest. The day just snowballed from about 30 minutes after I woke. Snowball? No. More like avalanche!

The funeral was lovely. I had the great pleasure to play at a church I’d never been to before. The organ was an odd looking creature. A Kawai with wooden keys! I have no idea how old it was. I’d probably say it was only a little older than I am. It sounded good and was fun to play.
I was concerned about my voice. Having tried to limit even my speech for the last week would mean that my “vocal instrument” was not quite as toned as it should be. Fortunately, the microphone was very sensitive which meant I didn’t need to project quite as much. Unfortunately, the microphone was very sensitive which meant that every wobble in my voice was amplified. The family were exceedingly happy and that was good enough for me.

That should have been an end to my day’s activity. But no. I had to take little Snugglepot up to the GP. We’d had her to the hospital on Tuesday night as she appeared to be developing the same symptoms as I had. Today’s visit was a follow-up from that. She’s not a well little one but she’s fighting it well. Actually, I think this is the longest she’s ever been really sick. I thank God we’ve been so blessed in that regard.

Time to go home yet? No. There’s no bread, milk, etc in the house. Time to go grocery shopping. Le sigh.

So here I am, blogging away with barely one eye open on account of exhaustion.

Now, about that Musical Challenge… It seems that yesterday’s post put a bomb up some people! I’m going to say that with only 7 days left in the month, there’s little hope of stopping Rachel from taking out the top spot. She has a whopping 14 correct answers! In equal second place are Cherie and Abigail with 3 apiece, leaving equal third place to Leesa and Peta with 1 each. I’d love to see some new players. Over to you.

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You can’t stop the musical challenge

Musical ChallengeI’m still pretty sick with pneumonia at the moment so please forgive my poor quality posts. Today is a kind of recap of this year’s Musical Challenge.

The aim of the game this year is to name the song that I’m using as the post title. Not many people have put in answers (despite being ridiculously easy!) but here are the post titles and winners so far:

  1. Still blogging after all these years – unanswered
  2. Been caught sleeping – unanswered
  3. Waking after midnight – Rachel (Walkin’ After Midnight by Patsy Cline)
  4. Let’s get trivial – Rachel (Physical by Olivia Newton John)
  5. – Leesa (Private Dancer by Tina Turner)
  6. I don’t like Monday Memes – Rachel (I Don’t Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats)
  7. No blog today – unanswered
  8. – Cherie (You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes / Phil Collins)
  9. – unanswered
  10. – unanswered
  11. – unanswered
  12. – unanswered
  13. – unanswered
  14. – unanswered
  15. – unanswered
  16. – unanswered
  17. – unanswered
  18. – unanswered
  19. – unanswered
  20. – unanswered
  21. – unanswered

So, go back and have a go. All you need to do is comment on the appropriate page with the correct song title.

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Chuck N’s on Tuesday

A Chuck Tuesday reprise.maxresdefault-4

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Rainy Days and Monday Memes

Monday memeAlphabet Facts about Me

A- Age: 40

B- Biggest fear: Something terrible happening to Snugglepot

C- Current time: 4:30pm

D- Drink you last had: A small flat white.

E- Every day starts with: A kiss and a cuddle from my lovely family.

F- Favorite song: Hey Hootabelle

G- Ghosts, are they real? I don’t want to believe they are.

H- Hometown: I wasn’t born here but I have called Redcliffe home since I was 2.

I- In love with: Sean!!!

J- Jealous of: Healthy people

K- Killed someone?: No

L- Last time you cried?: About 15 minutes ago. I feel dreadful. I’m annoyed that the first doctor misdiagnosed me despite me telling him I am prone to pneumonia and I felt physically the same as the last time I had that.

M- Middle name: Mary

N- Number of siblings: 6

O- One wish: To feel better.

P- Person you last called: My mummy.

Q- Question you’re always asked: Paywave?

R- Reason to smile: My family

S- Song last sang: The offertory hymn at Mass on Saturday night – Jesus, Come to Us.

T- Time you woke up: 2pm

U- Underwear colour: Salmon pink and black

V- Vacation destination: I guess my honeymoon…so, the Capricorn coast and adjacent inland.

W- Worst habit: Right now it would have to be obstinacy. I’m supposed to be resting but I’m doing this.

X- X-Rays you’ve had: hand, wrist, arm, head, chest, knee. This is not counting MRIs and ultrasounds. And I’ll be having another chest one in the morning…or tonight at hospital if things worsen.

Y- Your favorite food: crème brûlée

Z- Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

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Somewhere over the memebow

No post today on account of me being sick in bed with pneumonia. But I will give you the plan for tomorrow’s Monday Meme. Thanks to my friend Ally for this meme. And special thanks to her for being around for babysitting duty this week while I’m sick.

Alphabet Facts about Me

A- Age:

B- Biggest fear:

C- Current time:

D- Drink you last had:

E- Every day starts with:

F- Favorite song:

G- Ghosts, are they real?

H- Hometown:

I- In love with:

J- Jealous of:

K- Killed someone?:

L- Last time you cried?:

M- Middle name:

N- Number of siblings:

O- One wish:

P- Person you last called:

Q- Question you’re always asked:

R- Reason to smile:

S- Song last sang:

T- Time you woke up:

U- Underwear colour:

V- Vacation destination:

W- Worst habit:

X- X-Rays you’ve had:

Y- Your favorite food:

Z- Zodiac sign:

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