Mondays are mandatory.

As Mondays go, this one wasn’t too monotonous.  It had the usual requirements to be  malleable but I think it was pretty marvellous because I managed to do what I needed to do.

Our little furry addition required a little bit of extra attention this morning so the mothering refers to cleaning up after him and calming him and my other two cats as they all got a little bit more acquainted tonight (hiss, growl).

Now I’m singing in my office as I paint my nails and blog.

MMMMMMusical Challenge!

Song 45 was We Don’t Need Another Hero by Tina Turner, correctly answered by Leesa.  Song 46 was The Distance by Cake, correctly answered by Claire.

Now, as I need to add back two extra songs because of one bad day earlier in the month and today is M for many things including Music, we shall have FOUR songs today!

Song 47:

I was slicing up an avocado
When you came up behind me
With your quiet brand new sneakers
Your reflection I did not see

Song 48:

So we back in the club
Get that bodies rocking from side to side
Thank God the week is done
I feel like a zombie gone back to life

Song 49

We spent the night in Frisco
At every kind of disco
And from that night I kissed
Our love goodbye

Song 50

But you promised her, next time you’ll show restraint
You don’t get another chance, life is no Nintendo game
But you lied again, now you get to watch her leave out the window
Guess that’s why they call it “window pane”

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6 Responses to Manic(ure)…Monday

  1. leesaphilip says:

    Don’t blame it on the sunshine
    Don’t blame it on the moonlight
    Just blame it on the good times
    Blame it on the boogie!

    Michael Jackson!!

  2. Julia G says:

    50. Love the Way You Lie – Rihanna and Eminem
    Leesa – I can hear the lyrics *you* wrote in my head!

    • fionawb says:

      Indeed it is but you were beaten to the punch by Emily. Actually, between Emily, Bonnie and Leesa, all these songs have been answered. You have to be super quick! 😉

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