Today was a “bitsa” day. Bitsa this and bitsa that. I don’t usually like “Bitsa” days.

I woke repeatedly through the night – that’s my new norm. I eventually made it to about 5am before deciding that was my fill of sleep. Then, to my surprise, I managed to squeeze in a few more hours of nap to get me past the dawn.

The morning moved at a relaxed pace. I had an antenatal checkup to attend which I duly did. The problems I had encountered over the weekend appear to be now much more under control. Thanks be to God.

I popped into my office to see how my replacement person is doing. All going well there.

Then home for a spot of lunch and a nap.

Upon waking from the nap I discovered that my sickly cat was having more of his problems. So a vet visit was needed. That threw the day into a different direction to what I’d wanted. Nevertheless, he received the attention and medication he required and we were able to relax again.

Now it’s dinnertime and I realised that I hadn’t written my #blogjune post. So, here we are. I’ve journaled today’s boring activities. Not much to read about but at least it made me sit up and do something.

To take something positive out of this, I guess I’d say that I’m happy that my health is under control and that my cat is out of the woods for now. Also, I’m very grateful to have a partner who cooks dinner while I blog. Without further ado, I shall go and watch him work in the kitchen. Is there anything more satisfying? 😉

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4 Responses to Bitsa

  1. Oh noes! Poor Nib. Glad you and Snugglepot are back under control!

  2. jzgarnett says:

    I’m going to cook dinner while my husband codes 🙂
    yay for mat leave!

  3. What a beautiful photo of your cat. Much more relaxed (and photogenic) in the pet carrier than mine.

  4. Such lovely markings – Picasso cat nose!

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