Face forward

It seems I’m a lazy blogger.  My time is so consumed with work, study and home life that blogging doesn’t get much of a look in.  Some might say that’s as it ought to be.  However, as I tend towards a reflective type of blog it might actually do me some good to squeeze in time for self-awareness, reflection and thought. It’s also a way to get time to myself.

So a little catch up using my #dailyimage2011

Tuesday was an emotional rollercoaster of a day.  I had my first university assessment in 7 years.  A seminar presentation on a topic that I really didn’t know much about but got to know quite quickly.  I was so full of anxiety and trepidation.  My heart was racing so hard and I could hardly breathe.  I felt my eyes welling up with tears.  Anxiety is such a crippling thing.  I have no problem with public speaking.  Actually, I quite look forward to it.  Those who know me well know that I love to be the centre of attention and will gladly hold court.  My fear that day was the result of doubt.  Doubt in myself.  Did I know all I needed to know about the subject matter I was to discuss in the seminar?

As it turned out, I did the best I could and it seemed to be well received by both the lecturer and my fellow students.

This photo [left] was taken after the seminar.  I was heading off to the Weird Al Yankovic concert with my very good friend.  It was the perfect end to that day.  By the time this photo was taken I was feeling pretty good and almost bullet-proof! I felt like yelling out to the world, “What have you got for me now? Bring it!”

Wednesday was pretty mundane.  I got my annual flu shot [right] and I had a music practice.  That’s about as noteworthy as it gets.

Thursday was St Patrick’s Day.  Being half-Irish and having had the upbringing I had this is probably one of the most important days in my year.  It is not a day for going out drinking and disgracing yourself.  It is not a day to eat discoloured food.  It is not a day to wear outlandish costumes or to do ridiculous things.  It is a day celebrate the life and legacy of St Patrick, a man who brought Christianity to the people of Ireland who, in turn, brought Christianity to many countries around the world.  The message of Christ found its home in Patrick and was embraced by the Irish people.  My Catholicism and my Irish heritage are interlinked and give me strength to deal with the problems life throws at me.  Between my faith and my good humour there is little that can really bring me to my knees.

I played the organ at morning Mass that day.  Then I had some errands to run and a meeting to attend online.  After the meeting, I took myself off to a new hair salon and put myself in their hands and this is the result [left].

I felt completely fantastic.  There’s that bullet-proof thing happening again! I felt sexy and vibrant and alive!  I hadn’t felt that good for a while and it was nice to know I could feel that way again.

Friday was another mundane working day.  I had a lot of cataloguing to do.  I actually really enjoy cataloguing but I was plagued with interruptions.  Normally, I don’t mind the interruptions but that day it was getting me down.  So Friday wore a frown [right].

Saturday was a sleepy day [left]. I didn’t really do much.  I did go to Mass on Saturday evening.  The Gospel was about the Transfiguration of the Lord.  The celebrant’s homily spoke of how our faces convey messages and emotions and how we speak of people being two-faced or faceless.  Long time readers of this blog will know of my battle with showing my real face (see here and here).  I struggle to let my mask go.  I put on makeup to hide my imperfections and I put on the face that I want the world to see.  She smiles, she jokes, she laughs.

Having said all that about the makeup, followers of the #dailyimage2011 might have noticed that quite a few of my photos have shown my bare face…including my Sleepy Saturday.

That brings us today.  Sunday.  Actually, I’ve had better days.  I don’t feel like talking much about today.  I’m in the process of reorganising my house so that I have a room for my music and study.  We currently have a computer room which hubby and I both work in and there is a spare room…going spare.  So we’ve decided to have a room each.  Today was my day to work on the spare room but, unfortunately, it worked on me.  It got the better of me.  Not going to say anymore about that but I will end on today’s photo…the antidote to a bad day:  time with the furry ones.  Charlie stepped up and put the smile back on my face tonight.  Thanks Chas.

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3 Responses to Face forward

  1. monkiegirl says:

    Life isn’t very exciting right now for me. I was thinking of going back to uni but just for something to do. I hope you did well on your assignment – you always do.

    I have to admit I am kind of into the dressing in green St. Patrick’s Day stuff. Yes St. Patrick’s Day is about bringing Christianity to Ireland. But I love celebrating the fact that I have Irish in me too. If we also use the day to celebrate all that is Irish in this world (including the Christianity) I don’t have a problem with that.

    Your hair looks good and you look good without makeup. You know I hardly wear any at all but not everyone can be a not bothered person like me lol

    I love the last pic. Looks like an old slide. Very well done.

    You do a lot of stuff. I think I’ve said this before. I’d write more about this but I haven’t even eaten yet this morning.

    Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.
    Saint Patrick

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