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What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me)

Let me say at the outset that I really hate that song! Also, it will be my earworm for the next God knows how long! Secondly, I come to my first point. What is love? This morning on Twitter, there … Continue reading

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<This post has been backdated for all kinds of reasons> Tonight I went to the Redcliffe Show. I’d been looking forward to it all day. Actually, I’d been looking forward to it for months. It’s cutesy and kitsch and all … Continue reading

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So I missed blogging on Sunday because of busyness during the day and then illness by night. It seems somewhat appropriate to share the fruits of that busyness. My Twitter and Instagram follwers will have already seen the resultant product … Continue reading

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Standing on the edge of changes

Today is the end of February. The end of Summer. The end of a great many things. Tomorrow is March and with it comes change. Tomorrow I have the privilege and joy of greeting a man at the airport. This … Continue reading

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On the twelfth day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas I shared myself. Well, that just looks like a weird sentence, doesn’t it?! I met two beautiful souls for the first time: @hakiclark and @stitchsarah. We, along with @seanfish, shared good food and good … Continue reading

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On the eleventh day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas I picnicked. I went with a lovely couple, Anne and Des, to visit some of the attractions of Auckland. We began with One Tree Hill. Oh my, what a narrow winding road that is … Continue reading

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On the ninth day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas I had a wonderful day! My dear friend, Sean, took me to the Arataki Visitor Centre where I saw a super cute gecko. He saw me, came over to me, smiled and posed as … Continue reading

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