Ruptured me throat

I’ve been off the blogging air for a couple of days now. Sorry. Today’s return will only be brief as I’m quite tired already and it’s not even 10am yet.

There’s an old Peter Sellers song that I have been searching for for years. I had misremembered the lyrics which is never a good start for a song search. The only bit that I could really recall was the line “ruptured me throat”…which is how I’m feeling today.

On Monday I got a call in the afternoon from a nurse wanting to go through a checklist ahead of a procedure I was booked to have on Tuesday. The only thing was that I had no idea that I’d been booked for said procedure! I’d been told that there’d be a few weeks on a waiting list and then I’d be contacted.

So, I fasted on Monday night and got up at 5:30am yesterday (Tuesday) to head in to The Prince Charles Hospital for a transoesophageal echocardiogram (aka TOE). This was to confirm whether an anomaly in a previous standard echocardiogram was in fact a hole in my heart which could have caused a clot to go to my brain and result in the stroke that I had.

I’ve been suffering a little with cold symptoms (cough, sinusitis) so the idea of facing a procedure that involved swallowing a camera made me a bit more anxious than it otherwise might have done. I was meant to be conscious for the camera swallowing bit but I found that I was unable to swallow and I was gagging from the moment they put the awful banana flavoured anaesthetic spray on my throat. Incidentally, that was heralded by the anaesthetist saying “I’m going to put my strange banana in your mouth.” I suggested that perhaps some people might not appreciate that kind of behaviour. Typical dirty-minded me. The nurse sniggered. Anyway, they could see I was starting to have a panic attack and was gagging and retching so they fully sedated me immediately and performed the procedure.

Since rejoining the waking world, my throat feels dreadful. I was warned of this so I’m not surprised. I also have some swelling and tenderness in my jaw and neck. The silver-lining to my stroke cloud is that I can only feel it on one side of my neck/throat. Yay for the stroke!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with the Peter Sellers song which now forms part of #mymusical2018 as well as #blogjune.

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