Welcome to the weekend wrapup, voice to text edition.

I have spent most of today in bed resting. This followed an episode which began during Mass this morning when I couldn’t walk properly or raise my arm. It felt like a worsening of my symptoms. All day I have been trying to determine is this just a bad day or have I suffered further damage (e.g. TIA, another stroke). I don’t know the answer to that so I’m erring on the side of this being a bad day.

I haven’t blogged since Friday. My wrapup of Friday and Saturday is essentially the same. I have been touched by the generosity of friends, friends of friends and even complete strangers. My last comment on Facebook was about how I had not been granted a claim for sickness benefits from Centrelink. (The reason for the rejection was provided to me and it was suggested that there may be a more appropriate form of assistance than that which I applied for. I will be looking into this further). It prompted a number of people to donate to the Chuffed campaign which was set up for me. I am humbled by the generosity of these people who have contributed. I am also grateful for those who have shared my plea to their own circles of friends.

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