Weak end

Another weekend and so another opportunity to wrap two days together and take the blogging life a little easier.

This weekend was characterised by weakness. Don’t be alarmed. It was a cold…and Sean was suffering with me. I find that things like this hit me a little harder than they might have otherwise done prior to the stroke. I think this is in part due to not being able to take some over-the-counter cold and flu meds which are contraindicated with my stroke meds.

We took time today despite our ill-health to revive one of our Sunday traditions.  Most Sundays we would go to Mass which would be followed by a morning tea in the same hall where we have Mass. Then our little family would saunter off to the local shopping centre whereupon we would go to our regular café. Neither the food nor the coffee is particularly outstanding but it does feature a small enclosed playground for children under 6 which allows us to eat in peace while Snugglepot plays in safety right beside us. She’s entertained and we can take the parental attention level down a notch or two. After the passable lunch, we’d then drop her off to Småland (IKEA’s supervised playground) which she loves and then we have a wander around IKEA dreaming and chatting as if we had not a care in the world.

Today’s outing was a modified version of that. There was no cuppa after Mass so we went straight to the shops. We aren’t in a position to buy café lunches and it was a little early for that anyway so we went straight to Småland which delighted Snugglepot no end! We took our usual stroll…well, Sean strolled as he pushed me in the wheelchair. We were our own selves again.

Reconnecting with our silly little tradition was actually really meaningful for me. It was a little bit about getting out of the house but so much more about doing something that was part of our family’s routine. It was as if I’d found myself again…somewhere around Department 14 – Home Organisation.

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