Joy to the World

I’m going to begin #mymusical2018 blogging challenge with Joy to the World. This particular recording is me playing at Mass back on the Feast of the Holy Family in 2014. I hadn’t played at Mass in almost a year at that point. I’d taken time out to deal with a rough pregnancy and then a newborn. By the time of this recording, Snugglepot was almost 6 months old and I was itching to play again. I love singing while I play…even though it splits my concentration on both tasks. Also love singing the alto line of this which is hard to do while playing a whole other line. So I’ll ask for you to forgive the very obvious mistakes I’m making in my playing because being 1 year out of practice, playing and singing simultaneously and playing one thing but singing another is bound to have some impact on my performance!

As for the piece itself, the melody and harmonies are majestic. It is triumphant and glorious. I never fail to be uplifted by this Christmas classic. With lyrics by Isaac Watts inspired by Scripture and music by George Frideric Handel, this stirs my soul like no other.

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