Sorry this is a bit of a non-post because I had homework to do. It’s from the course I’m doing – Foundations for Lay Pastoral Ministry.

I’m really enjoying the course and I’m feeling positive about taking this small step towards a career change. I’m not even sure if it will lead me down the path of paid employment but I’m giving it my best shot.

Homework is done and I also have an early start tomorrow so that’s all from me for today.

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One Response to Homework

  1. Ruth says:

    I’ve been finding with my own #blogjune rushed posts, that sometimes it is our non posts that spark ideas; for ourselves or others. Your post led to me musing that I didn’t even know that you could do a course on lay ministry, a memory of learning how much it cost to do the Monash Uni wedding registrant course, and a new thought that I really shouldn’t keep saying I don’t want to go back to study without having a good look at what diverse courses are out there.

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