There has been some confusion amongst my church friends as to whether or not I have died.

I have not.

The difficulty with having a name as common as mine is that I share it with a number of people. Sadly, one of these people passed away recently and her death notice appeared in our parish bulletin. Fortunately, it was not me.

To clarify, I am not any of the following:

  • an American professor of metallurgy
  • an Australian indigenous author
  • an Irish swimmer
  • a New Zealand accountant
  • a finance broker
  • a nurse <- this one was a library client of mine
  • an actress
  • a playwright

…you get the idea.

I have had my Facebook business page even tagged as being a guest speaker at events overseas. I would have gone had they paid the airfare.

To avoid all confusion, please contact me if you are interested in knowing how I am, what I do, if I’m interested in speaking at an event or anything at all about me. I’m probably the best informed person on that topic.


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