Today I went to Chermside Shopping Centre. It is huge. Yesterday was the grand opening of it getting even huger.

An acknowledgement of the traditional owners – the Yuggera people.

I remember when it was the poorer cousin to other shopping centres on the north side of Brisbane. My mother remembers when it was built.

My first job (which I spoke about a few days ago) was right across the road from this centre. At that time, there wasn’t even a food court! There was a café and a Chinese takeaway. Now, there are 2 separate food courts plus 2 additional dining precincts!!! There are now over 80 places that offer something to eat!!

I enjoyed seeing the newly opened dining precinct which also has a village green style area and a children’s playground. The layout for part of this development resembles the shopping centre that was closest to us when I was growing up. It was a village style layout with little streets and laneways. These days it’s all modernised and lost its charm. It’s interesting to see the old style coming back again. I think this means I’m officially old.

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