Say it

Today I attended the funeral of someone who died far too soon. I wasn’t working at this funeral. This one was someone I knew.

His death was not at the end of some great illness. It was unexpected. It was a death that would make you think that it was desperately unfair.

In my line of work as a funeral organist/singer, I see a lot of grieving people. I have seen a range of emotions at funerals. I don’t think I’ve seen happiness but certainly there have been many who are contented and accepting. Those are usually when the deceased has lived a long and fulfilling life. There are those who have been sick for a long time and death is somewhat of a welcome relief.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum. The middle aged. The young. The couple that died suddenly together. Those that mourn them are usually somewhere else in the stages of grief. One mourner put it very well her eulogy for her father, “I am annoyed with him. He went before I could say goodbye.”

Say it.

Say all the things you need to say to a person.

“I love you.”

“You’re my world.”

“Thank you.”

“I owe it all to you.”

Don’t let your last words be ones you regret. Say it now.

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