(still backdating)

This was only yesterday yet I have virtually no recollection of anything that happened.

Actually, the one thing I do remember was driving all over the countryside to deposit a cheque into an ATM. We were doing grocery shopping at shopping centre 1 (4kms from home). They have 2 ATMs for our bank: 1 was out of order and the other doesn’t take deposits. So we drove to shopping centre 2 (a further 2kms east). That ATM has been removed…despite the bank website saying there is a suitable ATM there. So then we up and off to shopping centre 3 (12kms back to the west and passing within 200m of our house as we went). Success.

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2 Responses to What?

  1. RachB says:

    Wow I haven’t seen a cheque in years, last time I think was the deposit for our house?!

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