Give me a break

(still backdating on account of busyness)

The madness of the week continued today with yet another day of rushing around from pillar to post.

Mum spent last night in hospital after reconstructive surgery on her hand which was not done until very late in the day.

Need a hand?

My day was to kick off with another funeral so that meant, yet again, I could not go and be with my mum when she needed me. Fortunately, a friend of ours who has a daughter a little younger than Snugglepot was able to come over with said little one and be in loco parentis. Shortly after the funeral I got word that Mum should be cleared for discharge soon. “Soon”…whatever that means. I eventually drove the hour to the hospital to get her, navigating roads that have changed dramatically since I last drove them. I picked her up and drove as smoothly as I could (because of her nausea) in what could have been described as early peak hour traffic. Finally home, I then virtually had to turn around and head back out!

Snugglepot was given the treat of a late night while I went out to a meeting/music practice and Daddy was working late. She was also under strict instructions to be a gentle nurse to her grandmother…which she was.

Given the lateness of the homecoming and how tired we all were, we decided to get a takeaway for dinner. I went home via the chosen fast-food chain and upon leaving heard a disconcerting sound as I drove. Thoomp……thoomp…thoomp..thoomp..thoomp thoomp thoomp. A flat tire. Late at night. In the rain.

Please tell me this week is over.

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