Today was the day from hell…but it was not without its positives.

Disclaimer 1: I’m backdating this because of the hellish level of busyness.

Disclaimer 2: I started writing this but realised it was way too negative and not reflective of how I actually felt on the day.

Mum had to go to hospital for an operation. I couldn’t take her or go and wait with her or even visit her afterwards because I had a funeral from late morning to early afternoon, a meeting in the late afternoon and a function in the evening! I had expected the day to be utterly horrid and planned out everything to mitigate the yucky bits.

Enjoying the night out with hubby.

My planning was so effective that I actually sailed through it all. The worst part…and the only bit I was powerless to do anything about…was that I could not be with my Mum to support her.

The final event of the day was the 50th anniversary of our local historical society, of which I am an active member. I was pleased to see people from almost every part of my life. Naturally, other members of the society but also church friends and even former work colleagues. There were people there who I have known for most of my life and others I’ve only recently met but with whom I share an interest in documenting our local history.

After a day of running around and not really having time to feel my feet touch the ground it was strangely comforting to find peace through connecting with others at a lively social function.

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