Move along

Nothing to see here.

Well, actually, this is a back-dated post about the day I had on the day this is being back-dated to. Make sense?

I’m considering my future and whether or not being a librarian figures into that. I have always had a rich life outside of libraries so moving away from that doesn’t really shake my sense of identity. Nevertheless, I would be sad if I leave libraries entirely.

Nothing is set in stone. Nothing ever really should be when it comes to careers.

Watch this space.

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One Response to Move along

  1. Jenny says:

    Couldn’t agree more with regards to careers being changeable! Young parenthood is actually a really good time to reassess it all, if you’re going to head off away from your little ones it got to be worth it for you! If it helps, I think a lot of librarians “soft skills” – investigation, interpersonal skills, communication, organisation – are all things that make us really shine in other careers! Good luck!

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