Roll with it

Today did not quite go according to plan. I had a lovely day out with my daughter, my husband and his parents. At various points in the day we had the need to exercise flexibility.

Our plan was to catch the train into the city and look at the art gallery and perhaps the museum. When we got to the train station we discovered that the track was closed and we would be catching a bus instead. By the time we got into town we were hungry and it was lunchtime. So we stopped and had lunch. We found a table at the pub so we sat down. We waited quite some time and before our food was ready a staff member informed us we would have to move to a different table. So up we got and moved along and eventually we got to eat. By now, it was mid afternoon and we continued walking through the Arbour. We were waylaid (happily) by a street performer. We continued on to the art gallery. We were only there a short time when I got a call from my mother saying she’d fallen over and hurt herself. The extent of the injuries were unknown at the time. So we cut our gallery visit short and went to attend to her. I stayed with her and went in the ambulance to hospital to get her checked out. Fortunately, she did not sustain serious injury and she’ll likely mend very soon.

It really was a day for rolling with the punches or riding the waves. Whatever analogy works. We bounced from moment to moment and we had not a bad day…all things considered.

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