Cold pressed covfefe

It’s the first of June. That means #blogjune.

Another year of me not being a librarian. Another year of me being a stay-at-home-mum. I’m not even sure what I am anymore. I think this #blogjune I’d like to explore the ups and downs of my career and what I see for the future. I’d also like to look at the role of networks and relationships and the interconnectedness of it all, along with the need to disconnect.

Speaking of such, social media plays a pretty huge part of our lives these days and it’s worth remembering that this leaves an indelible mark. We all have a digital footprint. Some take gentle steps, others are stomping around blindly. I’ll probably expand on this in a subsequent post later in the month. Nevertheless, last night’s typo on Twitter by US President Trump is a timely reminder of the importance of planning and proofreading. Also, the delete key can be your friend.

Mind how you go.

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One Response to Cold pressed covfefe

  1. #covfefe to you too, Fi, and Happy First of Blog June.
    (Personally, I think it sounds like a toast, hmmm).
    Looking forward to hearing more of all of the above during the next 29 days.
    One down : )

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