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I’m going to start with the Musical Challenge. The title of today’s post is taken from a lyric in the song, not the title as I have done with the other posts of #blogjune 2016. There’s a lovely sentiment intended if you work out the song title.

Below are the results as they currently stand. There are still three unanswered titles to be won, including today’s post. I feel safe to say that Rachel’s win is assured but the silver and bronze medals (theoretical only, I’m sorry) are still anyone’s.

Rachel – 15
Cherie – 4
Leesa – 3
Abigail – 3
Peta – 1
Neil – 1

Now, for my reflection on the month of #blogjune.

#blogjune2016I said at the beginning that this would be about love, librarianship and laughter. I’ve covered love and librarianship a bit but I was a little light on the laughter. I think Sean‘s posts have been providing that and I wasn’t really in as happy a mood as I usually sport. Being sick for most of the month has taken its toll on my good humour. Laughing leads to coughing and that’s just no fun.

Most years #blogjune has lead me down a path of self-discovery and enlightenment. Sometimes it has lead me to disclosure and acceptance. This year feels a little different. I haven’t revealed any personal secrets. I haven’t searched my soul. I haven’t plumbed the great depths of existentialism.

What have I done? I have connected with myself. I have found the energy to commit to a challenge that made me think about where my life is and where I want it to be. I feel at peace with parts of who I am. I am having the inner conversations about who I am in the world. I often didn’t feel like blogging and I admit to sort of phoning it in on occasions but I’m glad I served up 30 posts in 30 days (give or take a bit of backdating).

4eb28-e5715239e8d444ce8c80de0961381baf_7I will say one thing that I’ve really enjoyed and that is playing with the illustrations for each post. The images that accompany the vast majority if not all of my posts are of my own creation. I love expressing my creativity in this way. In some of my professional roles I’ve been able to use my amateur skills in photo editing and…let’s call it “graphic design” for want of a better term. I even got to use my talents in this area to put together the handbook for the 3rd International Evidence Based Librarianship Conference waaayyy back in 2005. More recently, I’ve put some of my designs into my Redbubble shop and made a bit of pocket money for my efforts. I don’t know if I have enough talent to actually get a job in this field but I’ve sure had fun scratching this itch.

Thank you, #blogjune, for presenting me with another opportunity to reconnect with myself and my peers. And thank you, dear reader, for indulging me.

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