Taking care of blogness

Flexnib recently posted about keeping up.  I’m not keeping up. I really want to. Even though I’m a stay at home mum, at some point I will want to return to the workplace and I don’t want to be out of touch. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing in three or four or five years time. I know that I will want to be fully a part of whatever career I choose. I might go back to being a librarian. It’s unlikely I’ll go back to working in HR. I’m considering other options at this point but it’s all academic right now.

If I do return to a career in librarianship I won’t want to start at the bottom of the pile. I realise I won’t be able to come back in at the same level I previously was.  And while I’m enjoying the life I currently have, I don’t want to cut all ties from the library world.

Picture1If I go back to my library career, I think I’d like to re-explore academic library, if they’ll have me. I’ve worked in this space before and even as a medical librarian I had a great many dealings with students and academics placed at the teaching hospitals.

One of the best ways I can think of to stay a little bit in the library pool without fully diving back in is to  stay connected through Twitter and blogs. Twitter can appear very noisy at times. So many posts are just reposts with links to here and there. I am more likely to read an actual conversation between colleagues about a particular topic than I am to fly off to some link without a good reason. I prefer to have a little curation around what I read.

As Con said, with the demise of Google Reader there has been little to fill the void when it comes to a good home for blog reading. Insofar as I might use a feed reader, it would be Feedly. It does an ok job but it’s no Google Reader. I kinda feel like it’s a part of the information world that is neglected if not dying altogether. I find myself pretty much just following the more appealing links I see on Twitter (provided there’s some decent teaser) or whatever pops up in my WordPress Reader, which is really quite limiting.

The truth is I want to keep up. I think I have a good reason to. I even probably have the time. Why does it have to be so hard?

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2 Responses to Taking care of blogness

  1. I see your point. I have made a list of blogs from #blogjune that I’d like to keep following closely and communicating with. Just catching up on what they’ve already written in June that I’ve put aside to read later, and the thoughts and links that they are all connecting me with will keep me very engaged for a while. Maybe exponentially. I guess that isn’t as organised and systematic as you would like to be doing it, but hopefully #blogjune has been a good consolidator. I’ll be watching you : ) (Hey, I think I just did my own first ‘music challenge’ !!).

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