Ca orgue pour moi

Today was my first day out and about after medically mandated bed-rest. I had intended to play for the funeral I was commissioned to do and then go home to bed. Intended.

I was up when the alarm said it was time to take my antibiotics. That was an end to my rest. The day just snowballed from about 30 minutes after I woke. Snowball? No. More like avalanche!

The funeral was lovely. I had the great pleasure to play at a church I’d never been to before. The organ was an odd looking creature. A Kawai with wooden keys! I have no idea how old it was. I’d probably say it was only a little older than I am. It sounded good and was fun to play.
I was concerned about my voice. Having tried to limit even my speech for the last week would mean that my “vocal instrument” was not quite as toned as it should be. Fortunately, the microphone was very sensitive which meant I didn’t need to project quite as much. Unfortunately, the microphone was very sensitive which meant that every wobble in my voice was amplified. The family were exceedingly happy and that was good enough for me.

That should have been an end to my day’s activity. But no. I had to take little Snugglepot up to the GP. We’d had her to the hospital on Tuesday night as she appeared to be developing the same symptoms as I had. Today’s visit was a follow-up from that. She’s not a well little one but she’s fighting it well. Actually, I think this is the longest she’s ever been really sick. I thank God we’ve been so blessed in that regard.

Time to go home yet? No. There’s no bread, milk, etc in the house. Time to go grocery shopping. Le sigh.

So here I am, blogging away with barely one eye open on account of exhaustion.

Now, about that Musical Challenge… It seems that yesterday’s post put a bomb up some people! I’m going to say that with only 7 days left in the month, there’s little hope of stopping Rachel from taking out the top spot. She has a whopping 14 correct answers! In equal second place are Cherie and Abigail with 3 apiece, leaving equal third place to Leesa and Peta with 1 each. I’d love to see some new players. Over to you.

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5 Responses to Ca orgue pour moi

  1. Leesa says:

    I bet the tone of that Kawai was just awesome!

  2. Moi says:

    Ah Mlle Fiona – pensez-vous de la chanson do Platic Bertrand ” “Ca Plane Pour Moi” ?

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