Rest and drugs and rock and roll

(Backdated, don’t ya know)

I spent the day in bed. Not sleeping. Resting. Dosing up on asthma meds and painkillers and OTC cold and flu meds. Watching catchup episodes of reality TV and playing SongPop!

That  is all.

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3 Responses to Rest and drugs and rock and roll

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  2. Rachel says:

    Sex and drugs and Rock and Roll by Ian Drury

  3. I’ll leave this one for someone else to win, but I do have a comical story about this one as it actually involves a library and four librarians !! from when I returned to Brisbane to work after having moved back here from Canberra after working at the National Library there. I went with two other Brisbane librarians to the Maleny Folk Festival that Easter, which was still at Maleny before it moved to Woodford, and had a wonderful time. Without giving away too much of the general vibe of the weekend :), I was at a library function (see, I said it was quite library-themed) a few days later and bumped into an old (librarian) friend who asked about my culturally-themed Easter weekend. I recounted what I could remember and he said with typical ‘Musical Challenge’ wryness … “Ah, sex and drugs and folk music” !! (Hope I made you smile and that you are heaps healthier at this much later point in June now.)

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