Just another Manic Monday Meme

Monday memeBucket List Meme

Have you done it?

Life and Death

  1. Been Married – yes…and about to do it again!
  2. Fell in love – definitely!
  3. Gone on a blind date – More than I care to remember…mostly thanks to ICQ
  4. Watched someone give birth – umm…can I count Snugglepot’s birth?
  5. Watched someone die – sadly, yes.
  6. Had children – Yes! One amazing little girl.
  7. Stayed in Hospital – yes
  8. Donated blood – no…I’m not a great candidate for that.
  9. Lived on your own – yeah…that was fun.
  10. Had a pet – yes…two cats


Travel destinations (your home country doesn’t count)

  1. Been to North America – yes
  2. Been to South America – no
  3. Been to Europe – yes…I even lived there for a few years
  4. Been to Asia – yes
  5. Been to Africa – no, but I definitely want to
  6. Been to Oceania – yes
  7. Been to Antarctica – no



  1. Flown in a helicopter – no
  2. Been on a cruise – no
  3. Rode an elephant – no
  4. Got a piercing – yes, just my ears
  5. Got a tattoo – no. I’m a cleanskin.
  6. Been skiing – no
  7. Rode on a motorcycle – no
  8. Jumped out of a plane – are you kidding me? NO!
  9. Driven over 100 mph – yes
  10. Been scuba diving – no



  1. Been in a movie – no
  2. Been on TV – yes
  3. Been in newspaper – yes
  4. Played in a band – yes
  5. Sang karaoke – oh hell yes!
  6. Laughed so much you cried – yes!!!
  7. Been to a drive-in movie – No…But I have made a promise to myself to do this before my next birthday.
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2 Responses to Just another Manic Monday Meme

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  2. Rachel says:

    Manic Monday by The Bangles written by Prince.

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