From #blogjune with love

Cue epic love story.

At the time I’m writing this, I am 10 weeks away from marrying the love of my life and father of my child. Our love story is one that has been written on the walls of social media. In many ways we owe it all to #blogjune.

I first got on board with #blogjune when it was still called #blogeverydayofjune back in 2010. Sean started in 2011. He started reading my posts and then began following me on Twitter. I did the same. We had quite a few things in common and a virtual friendship was born.

Over the years our friendship grew from casual commenting on each other’s blogs to regular Twitter banter. The banter turned to flirting and flirting turned to buying airfares across the Tasman to meet IRL. Then back on to Twitter for courting. We Skyped a little, we emailed a little, we private messaged a lot. 🙂

One more airfare was purchased. A one way ticket. I even blogged about that.

Feebs and FishThere isn’t much about this relationship that hasn’t made its way through this blog or onto Twitter or Facebook. I don’t think we announced that we were moving in together but we did announce my pregnancy right here. Earlier this year I blogged about our “wedding philosophy” and posted our “Save the Date” announcement.

My online persona is very open. I bare all. I don’t really think about it. It’s just who I am. I was at a library conference in early 2013 and a Twitter friend came up to me and asked me about Sean. The friend wanted to know if there was something between us. Like a teenager with her first crush I giggled and admitted that I was smitten with him and he with me. I realised then that my life was a soap opera…in a good way. It was full of drama and fun and love plots and “are they/aren’t they” moments.

Life is quieter now. Sort of. It’s still full of action. The almost 2 year old who is currently sleeping in the next room makes sure we have plenty of adventure. And the love story continues.

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5 Responses to From #blogjune with love

  1. katiedavis says:

    I missed your wedding philosophy post and just read it now. Love it! Really looking forward to seeing you guys get married… Your story is very romantic and I’m sure your wedding day will be beautiful too.

  2. gotta love a library love story 🙂

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  4. Rachel says:

    From Russia with Love from the James bond film of the same name.

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