Here is tomorrow’s Monday Meme…


Bucket List Meme

Have you done it?

Life and Death

  1. Been Married
  2. Fell in love
  3. Gone on a blind date
  4. Watched someone give birth
  5. Watched someone die
  6. Had children
  7. Stayed in Hospital
  8. Donated blood
  9. Lived on your own
  10. Had a pet


Travel destinations (your home country doesn’t count)

  1. Been to North America
  2. Been to South America
  3. Been to Europe
  4. Been to Asia
  5. Been to Africa
  6. Been to Oceania
  7. Been to Antarctica



  1. Flown in a helicopter
  2. Been on a cruise
  3. Rode an elephant
  4. Got a piercing
  5. Got a tattoo
  6. Been skiing
  7. Rode on a motorcycle
  8. Jumped out of a plane
  9. Driven over 100 mph
  10. Been scuba diving



  1. Been in a movie
  2. Been on TV
  3. Been in newspaper
  4. Played in a band
  5. Sang karaoke
  6. Laughed so much you cried
  7. Been to a drive-in movie
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