Smoke gets in your blog

This is an apology. I almost went with “All Apologies” as the title of this post but that defeats my Musical Challenge…where all the titles of my posts are slightly altered song titles. I’d have no alteration. Where’s the challenge in that?!

I’ve been really slack with my posts this week. I have a real post brewing. I promise!

Yesterday’s post was written today and backdated. This one is being started at 11:30pm. I’ve really got to get my s*** in a pile!

So, I plan to write this off and do something decent tomorrow. Is that ok?

I will just leave you with a lovely little version of the Nirvana song I mentioned at the start of this post. As great as Nirvana was, I’m a Sinead O’Connor fan so it is her version that I think of when I think of this song. Here she is…

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2 Responses to Smoke gets in your blog

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  2. Rachel says:

    Smoke gets in your eyes by I can’t remember. But I do know it was on the Four Weddings and a Funeral soundtrack.

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