These blogs are made for backdatin’

Confession: I’m a day late with this and I’m backdating it.

Today (actually yesterday) we had a rough start to what ended up being quite a good day. It began with me having very little sleep the previous night. Despite the darkness and cool in the air, Snugglepot had her fill of rest by 5am. I was up with her from that hour on. I, however, had not managed to get to sleep until 3am. So, 2 hours was to be my lot.

My mother had kindly come over to look after Little Miss Earlybird while I caught 40 winks for 30 minutes. I then had a session with a fellow organist on our relatively new church organ. This didn’t last long but I am a chatty person and a 15 minute organ session ended up with me being out of the house for an hour or so.

I got home, shared an orange and a glass of water with the little one and then popped myself back for more of a nap while Granny and Snugglepot played together a bit more.

The afternoon had a bit of a treat in store. Daddy had a half-day so we could go and attend to some personal matters. It was an unpleasant business but it brought closure and a relief of sorts once it was done. Then we went into the city and ran a few errands. Nothing really special.

But it was special. We went about our mindless tasks with a lightness in our step that hadn’t been there in the past few days. We had coffee and cake and we laughed. We just enjoyed our time together as a happy little family. The city was the hustle and bustle you’d expect at that time of a Friday afternoon. People were rushing to their buses and trains. Or to shops. Or to dinner. Busy. Rushing.

The Brisbane Wintergarden…and its butterflies.

We sailed through the crowds as if they weren’t even there.

Snugglepot looked up at the lights on the buildings which towered around us. Who ever looks up to see the beauty of those old buildings? The shop-faces all modern and glassy are all we seem to see. She, as tiny as she is, looked up. She pointed out the butterflies! I didn’t ever see butterflies on the Wintergarden until then.

I needed that.

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3 Responses to These blogs are made for backdatin’

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  2. Dear Bun-Toting Librarian, one of the reasons I haven’t commented on each of your blogs (yet :)) is that I have put them aside to pause and read when time allows as reading all the wonderful #blogjunes out there let alone trying to keep up with writing my own has proven an unachievable task for me. (I try to slip it into my ‘lunch break at my desk’ but ‘real work’ has been occupying most of that time lately !). However, as Arnie says, I shall be back to absorb these in the depth they deserve. But in the meantime, this one is “These boots are made for walking!” and the reason I haven’t jumped in and hogged getting all the titles right for all the rest of them was that I actually thought it was a rhetorical question lol. They just gave me a big smile every day at how clever you had been as I copied and pasted the URL for ‘later’. Now I may leave the rest for other people to win, but don’t think I haven’t been enjoying them (or getting them right !!! :)).

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