I’m your private blogger

I’m at a loss to know what to talk about today.

There seems to be a lot going on for me right now and I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about opening up about it. It’s funny – I’m usually an open book. Probably a little too open. Lately, I’ve been more shut down and private.

Those who know me well know that I’m loud and chatty and not often withdrawn. I don’t shy away from talking about pretty much anything. In fact, I am usually the one who crosses the line (inappropriately) and takes the conversation into questionable territory. I laugh it off and see it as one of my foibles but it’s probably more of a character flaw.

Today, I’m low on energy and feeling a bit emotional and subdued. I’m not myself at all. (eyes start to tear up) I’m on a journey right now and I don’t know my destination. I don’t know what’s in front of me at all and I’m really out of my comfort zone. I know I want to be right where I am but I also know that I’m scared and a little anxious. And that’s ok.

Vagueblogging. Sorry.

I want to talk but not talk at the same time. hugI want comfort and reassurance without saying why. (full on bawling my eyes out now)

I’d probably better bring this to a close.

Reflecting on why I’m even writing this. I’m certain that I’m not the only one who has personal and private issues which bubble to the surface and disrupt our usual public personæ. So to all of you who are going through something strange, dark or scary and haven’t shared your story and don’t really want to, I give you a big heartfelt solidaritous hug. HHHHUUUUGGGGG!!!!

Now, onto other matters…

Musical Challenge

I haven’t really started a Musical Challenge this year…or have I? Some of you may have noticed that my post titles look a little familiar. They’re all based on song lyrics or titles. If you know the song, comment on the day of the post what you think the song title or lyric is.

Monday Meme

Tomorrow is Monday and with it comes my first Monday Meme of #blogjune 2016. I had seen this on Facebook and earmarked it as something to do here. However, I subsequently saw Andrew post this on Thursday so I’ll give him the props for the Scattergories Meme.

Here is tomorrow’s Monday Meme:

The rule is that each answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer.

Name –
Animal –
Girls name –
Colour –
Movie –
Something you wear –
Drink –
Food –
Item in the bathroom –
Place –
Reason to be late –


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6 Responses to I’m your private blogger

  1. leesaphilip says:

    Tina Turner’s Private Dancer! (I didn’t know you were a blogger for money?)

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  3. S says:

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way!
    I know this isn’t the song, but it rhymes with Reel McCoy’s Automatic Lover?

  4. Got the song lyric connection to today’s blog title before I realised I had lol
    Enjoyed the whole blog, though not of course that you are feeling scared and anxious, but good to know that that’s okay…
    You are probably spot on with the observation about “personal and private issues which bubble to the surface and disrupt our usual public personæ” for most of us.
    And I think I may need to borrow #vagueblogging : )
    Looking forward to your Monday meme (hmmm already wondering if you will do “B” or your real name — it would have to be better than my “C” !!).

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