Let’s get trivial

Tonight we went to our Parish Trivia Night. It’s been a long day so I’m going to do this in dot point.

  • late night
  • broken sleep
  • woke early
  • morning with Snugglepot
  • lunch
  • grocery shopping
  • ran a music meeting
  • ran a music workshop
  • ran home for the fastest dinner ever
  • wardrobe change for entire family (dressing Snugglepot as Batgirl!)
  • ran back to the church
  • played the organ and sang at Mass
  • madly pack up
  • head over to school hall for trivia
  • answer questions like my life depended on it
  • came 3rd (1st and 2nd place being taken out by 2 teams who go to trivia nights every week. So I’ll take that as a victory.)
  • dash to late night fast food outlet for a hot chocolate
  • dash home to relieve Granny from babysitting duties
  • blog
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3 Responses to Let’s get trivial

  1. Rachel says:

    Physical by ON-J.

  2. Enjoying your format variety today : ) Yaaay for dot points any day !! A certain poetic vibe.
    Hmmm … is it over-analytical of me to be enthralled by both all of this content plus all of the mediums in this enormous wonderful deluge of #blogjunes ? Probably just the closet literary nerd in me, and it does in no way diminish the impact of the message.
    (Actually, musing on all of that, I think I feel another #blurge coming on ….)
    (Hmmmm, noticing I seem to be writing “hmmmm” quite a lot this June !!!).

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